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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

20 Presuposisi dalam NLP

Mendengar kata NLP mungkin sudah tidak asing lagi di telinga teman-teman semuanya. banyak trainer-trainer NLP tersebar di penjuru indonesia. tapi untuk yang belum tau NLP, saya akan menjelaskan sedikit apa itu NLP.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) terdapat tiga kata yakni, Neuro (System Saraf) dalam otak manusia, Linguistic (bahasa) dan Programming adalah (program atau strategi dalam berfikir). jadi secara harfiah NLP adalah sebagai pemprograman neuro (saraf) menggunakan keahlian berbahasa. untuk lebih jelas tentang NLP insya allah saya akan posting nanti.

sekarang apa itu Presuposisi dalam dunia NLP?
Presuposisi adalah satu set asumsi yang melatar belakangi munculnya berbagai pemikiran.

Bob G. Bodenhamer telah membagi Presuposisi menjadi 20.

1.   The map is not the territory
2.   People respon according to their internal maps
3.   Meaning operates context-dependently
4.   Mind and Body inevitaby and inescapably affect each other
5.   I ndividual skills function by developing and sequencing the right strategies
6.   We respect each person's model of the world
7.   Person and behaviour describe different phenomena, We are more than our behaviour
8.   Every behaviour has utility and usefulness-in some context
9.   We evaluate behaviour and change in terms of context and ecology
10, We cannot communicate
11. The meaning of ythe communication lies in the response you get
12. The one who sets the frame for the communication control the action
13. There is no failure, only feedback
14. The person with the most flexibility exercises the most influence in the system
15. Resistence indicate the lack of rapport
16. people have the internal resources thy need  to succeed
17. Human have the ability to experience one-trial-learning
18. all communications should increase choice
19. people make the best choice open to them when they act
20 As response able person, we can run our own brain and control our result

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